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At the end of the day, what matters most in the wake of an accident – no matter what kind – is the health and well being of the individuals involved. At Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., we understand that the legal responsibilities that you entrust in us are a key tool in ensuring you can recover. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our experienced attorneys in McAllen Texas have decades of personal injury experience. When you step into our office, you receive honest advice, a compassionate ear and committed assistance. Learn more about our attorneys and their extensive professional histories by following the links below:

McAllen Personal Injury Attorney Carlos L. Guerra

Carlos L. Guerra

McAllen Personal Injury Attorney David J. Lumber

David J. Lumber



We built our firm on a commitment to offering guidance you can trust. We do not embellish or exaggerate when we discuss your case, and we offer strategies designed to get you the most compensation as quickly as possible. Our casework includes:

Where we represent accident victims of all kinds.

Where we hold employers responsible.

Where we help the injured when medical professionals err.

Where we support claimants after unfair denials.

Where we work with individuals and businesses on issues like breach of contract and other matters.

Where we support people trying to become U.S. citizens, gain residency or navigate the immigration system.

As your experienced attorneys in McAllen Texas, we use our knowledge and resources to support you in your case.

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