Car Accidents Mcallen Texas

Standing With Car Accident Victims

A car crash can come right out of nowhere and turn your life upside down. The injuries can be significant; you may lose time at work. You need help, and when you go to the insurance company, all you get is an insurance denial. That’s when it’s time to talk to us.

We are Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., and we’re attorneys fighting for clients in McAllen and all around this part of Texas. Our clients come to us because we’re hardworking lawyers who understand how to fight for them. We’re direct, capable and won’t back down from a fight.

Three Steps To Take After An Accident And Why

It’s a fact that after a car accident, things are moving too fast to take stock of the situation and make the right choices. Yet, what you do first will impact everything that comes later. Here are three steps you should take and why you should take them:

  • Step one: Go to the hospital. 
    Early medical treatment keeps you from getting worse, ensures you’re not in danger from other injuries and begins the paper trail for your insurance claim.
  • Step two: File a police report. 
    Both insurers and you will rely on the observations and conclusions in the report. The court views this first report as an unbiased opinion, and it carries a lot of weight.
  • Step three: Speak to an attorney.
    An attorney who understands the system and the law can aggressively fight for what you deserve.

Any car accident lawsuit will have a lot of moving parts, but our team will tell it to you like it is, with honesty and care.

Options For Rideshare Accidents

If you’re in an accident with a rideshare – like Lyft or Uber – or while a passenger in a rideshare, you have options to pursue compensation. These can be complicated cases. These companies have a complicated relationship with their drivers. Our attorneys are nothing if not up to the challenge.

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