Catastrophic Injury

Some Injuries Change The Course Of Your Life

In the legal world, the term “catastrophic injury” refers to an injury so severe that it can take years to recover. In these situations, you do not just need extra support; you deserve it. With the right legal team, you can get financial support throughout your recovery.

At Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., our practice focuses largely on personal injury claims like yours. We work with accident victims and their loved ones to achieve settlements that give real support. You are not alone when you call 956-618-3000.

How Your Case Can Make A Difference For Your Quality Of Life

Many people are familiar with the idea that a personal injury case can provide for something like an emergency ambulance or a broken bone, but personal injury cases often provide much-needed support for a wide range of financial issues. For instance, a settlement may also give you financial compensation for:

  • Wheelchairs, ramps and other accessibility modifications
  • Rehabilitative care and physical therapy
  • Child care and other expenses incurred because of your injury
  • Job retraining if you are unable to return to work
  • Years of potential wages lost to your injury
  • Funeral expenses, in the worst cases

We work with you to obtain a fair settlement that works in conjunction with your disability benefits.

Valuable Help At No Cost To You

We understand that your life is in a complete state of chaos. We are happy to come to you either at your home or at the hospital and on your timeline. When we meet, our attorneys will go over your case in detail and give you a realistic expectation of what your case may look like. Email us today for your free consultation.