Motor vehicle accidents in Texas can be a hardship for anyone. When large commercial vehicles are involved, the aftermath can be considerably worse.

Differences in types of motor vehicle accidents

Smaller motor vehicle accidents involving cars and pick-up trucks can wreak havoc on those involved. When larger commercial vehicles are in motor vehicle accidents with smaller vehicles, medical and repair expenses can add up quickly.

Commercial vehicles include delivery trucks, semi-trucks and even vehicles like public transportation buses. Completely full commercial vehicles can weigh 75,000 pounds more than the average personal vehicle. When considering this, it is easy to see how larger vehicles can cause so much damage.

Factors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents

Aside from size, the way commercial vehicles operate makes them more likely to cause or be involved in accidents with smaller vehicles. For example, these vehicles make wide turns, and a passenger vehicle driver may not be aware of this. They also take longer to come to a complete stop and can be more difficult to control when weather conditions are bad.

What happens after an accident with a commercial vehicle

It is a good idea for drivers and passengers involved in car accidents to seek medical attention immediately. Injuries such as internal bleeding or concussions do not always present instantly. It is important to rule out these types of injuries to prevent a more serious medical issue later.

You will also be confronted with police reports and insurance claims after an accident. One advantage that commercial vehicle drivers often have is that the company they drive for probably has a strong law team to help with insurance claims. You may be offered a pay-out fairly quickly to settle the claim, but it is a good idea to make sure your medical and vehicle expenses are sufficiently covered.

Knowing what to expect after an accident with a commercial vehicle can help you deal with the emotional stress and physical damage left behind.

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