Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial Trucks And Vans Can Lead To Chaotic Legal Issues

Texas is an important industrial hub for our nation. Our roads are home to thousands of commercial vehicles, many of which are constantly on the go. Unfortunately, that also means Texans see hundreds of commercial vehicle accidents every year. And Texans often bear the brunt of the resulting injuries.

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When Business Is Involved, The Insurance Companies Act Fast

Commercial vehicle cases are complicated, and you will need an attorney. Here’s why: Unlike in regular car crashes, commercial vehicle accidents (like bus, van and semi-truck accidents) involve additional parties and their insurance companies. Those insurance companies are powerful and quick to act, but they do not have your best interests at heart. They will offer you what feels like a substantial settlement often before you even know the full extent of your injuries, all so that when you do find those out later, you cannot ask for more money.

Our lawyers know just how damaging insurance company tactics can be. We do not make unnecessary concessions on your health, and we demand fair and full compensation. Do not let insurance companies take you in. Our experience can protect your recovery.

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