Defective Products

Manufacturers Have A Duty To Create Safe Products

When a company sells a product, it is responsible for making sure that the product is safe for the people who purchase it; this is called a “duty of care.” A failure to meet its duty can be catastrophic for the consumer. Whether it is the result of poor design, a manufacturing flaw or a lack of proper instructions or safety warnings, many consumer products have the potential to cause serious injuries or even deaths.

If you live in McAllen or in the surrounding Nuevo Leon area, our firm is your ally. We work with injured people across Texas to hold careless manufacturers accountable. Our attorneys have decades of experience and a large professional network, all prepared to stand up for your rights. Do not suffer through your injury alone; get help at 956-618-3000.

Providing For Your Recovery Means Making The Right Legal Steps

Defective product cases are complex. You need attorneys who can find out when in the process – from initial design to your purchase – something went wrong. Defective product cases also require evidence from engineers and other scientific professionals concerning the cause of the defect, and what could have been done to prevent the defect.

We have experience dealing with a range of defective product cases, including:

  • Automobile parts such as tires, seat belts and air bags
  • Medical devices such as hip replacements and transvaginal mesh
  • Electronic equipment such as power strips, cords, home appliances and televisions
  • Children’s products such as toys, playground equipment and cribs

Whether it was the designer, manufacturer or retailer who sold you a defective product, our lawyers can determine who is responsible and the best course of action for pursuing the compensation you deserve. In some cases, different parties made mistakes or ignored red flags along the way. We strive to give you the best chance to maximize your compensation.

Calling Our Office Should Be Your Next Move

Defective products can cause life-threatening burns, broken bones, loss of limbs, paralysis and other serious injuries. Whether you are recovering at home or in the hospital, Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., is prepared to support you.