Dog Bites

Do I Really Have To Sue My Neighbor After A Dog Bite?

Whenever a person gets bit by a dog, people wonder how far they should go. In most cases, the dog that bit you belongs to a neighbor, and no one wants to file a lawsuit against a neighbor. But sometimes, if a dog bite is severe enough, you don’t have much choice.

At Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., we are attorneys with a reputation for straightforward, tough action in the face of personal injury problems. We know you have a lot to worry about, and we can take this off your plate and let you focus on your work and your healing. We answer questions and provide clear, simple guidance on the law.

Your Neighbor Isn’t The Problem. Their Policy Is.

First, almost all homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies have a dog bite provision. And neighbors care about each other. If a dog bites you, a good McAllen neighbor will help you out. The real problem is your neighbor’s insurance company. They don’t care about the neighborhood or the relationship. They only care about money.

Homeowners’ and renters’ insurance companies fight every single claim aggressively. They do not want to pay anything, no matter who was at fault. They go to war in the name of your neighbor. We take on that fight for you.

You might care about your neighbor. They might care about you. The law might see this as a fight between you and your neighbor in the public records, but the truth is very different. Your fight is with an insurance company. Never forget that.

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