Insurance Claims

What To Do When Insurance Companies Deny Your Claim

Insurance policies exist to cover you when there has been an accident or an accidental loss. When disaster strikes, the insurance policy should pay those losses so that you don’t suffer financial devastation. When the insurance company denies the benefits it promised, you are between a rock and a hard place.

The insurance company must act in good faith. The investigation must be a fair one, not one undertaken with the purpose of denying benefits. Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., quickly identifies situations where insurance companies have treated people unfairly.

Our Firm Is Prepared To Take On Insurance Companies

We will determine whether your claim should be covered by the insurance policy, identify the actions taken by the insurance company in response to your claim and assess whether the insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim. Wrongful actions include:

  • Denial of coverage without a reason
  • Delayed response to the claim
  • Failure to communicate a reasonable explanation of a denial
  • Failure to investigate a claim
  • Delayed payment of a claim
  • Underpayment of a claim

The insurance company may try to undercut you in settlement negotiations or offers, extending an offer of far less money than is reasonable for the claim. It is not uncommon for the insurance companies to extend these inadequate offers or to deny your claim outright, then refuse to negotiate with you.

We Advocate Fiercely For You

To sit down at our office and talk about your case, including what happened to you, the details of the denial and your options under the law, call us at 956-618-3000. We are glad to sit down with you and give you an honest and frank evaluation of your case.