Are You Ready For U.S. Citizenship?

Once you have lived in the U.S. as a permanent resident for five years (or three years if you are married to a U.S. citizen), you can apply for naturalization. If you meet all qualifications and requirements, you may be ready — and you may realize the importance of working with an immigration lawyer to be sure you do not miss deadlines or make mistakes in your documents.

At Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., we count it a privilege to help green card holders in Texas take the step of obtaining U.S. citizenship. From our law office in McAllen, we advise clients throughout the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas and beyond.

Let Us Guide You Through The Process

If you work with our lawyers and staff in pursuit of U.S. citizenship, we will work closely with you to help improve your chances of success. You will appreciate our help at each step of the journey, including:

  • Determining if you are already a U.S. citizen based on where you were born or the citizenship of at least one of your parents
  • Applying for a certificate of citizenship with the N-600 form if you are already a citizen
  • Determining if you are eligible to apply for citizenship
  • Completing and submitting N-400, the application for naturalization
  • Submitting biometrics (fingerprints and photos) if required
  • Preparing for, and submitting to, an interview with a USCIS officer
  • Keeping the USCIS updated about any changes in your address, to be sure that you do not miss mailed notifications
  • Taking the required English and civics test unless you have a medical exemption
  • Responding to any requests from the USCIS for more evidence and/or a second interview
  • Appealing a denial, if necessary
  • Taking the oath of citizenship if your naturalization application is approved

Finally, we’ll make sure you understand the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship, such as:

  • Voting rights
  • The right to run for elected public office
  • Eligibility for a U.S. passport
  • Eligibility for federal employment requiring citizenship as a prerequisite

We can help you resolve any unique complications that you may run into as you apply for citizenship.

Contact Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., In McAllen

We are here for you and will be happy to help you take the necessary next steps toward U.S. citizenship if you are eligible.

To schedule a consultation, call 956-618-3000 or send us a message. Do not hesitate to ask for information and assistance in your quest for naturalization.

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