Oil Rig And Refinery Accidents

Were You Hurt Working In Texas’ Booming Oil Industry?

The country depends on the Texas oil industry, but the production and refining of oil can be very dangerous. Texans bear the brunt of the industry’s impact on its workers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, most oil rig worker injuries and fatalities happen in Texas.

Providing for your family should not come at the expense of your physical health. If you are one of the many oil rig workers who are struggling with a work-related injury, Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., can get you financial support throughout your recovery. Reach out to our office today.

Oil Rig And Refinery Accidents Are More Severe Than Most

The oil industry is highly lucrative but also very dangerous. Workers regularly suffer from major machinery malfunctions, chemical exposures, falls and other dangers. It is very common for workers to struggle with chemical burns, lung damage, amputations and even death. Our attorneys use the legal system to fight for injured workers’ rights, including:

  • Ensuring your medical bills are paid, both immediately after your injury and in the future
  • Providing for necessary environmental changes like wheelchair ramps
  • Replacing your lost income and job retraining if applicable
  • Supporting you indefinitely if you are unable to work again

The oil industry is highly influential and has hundreds of lawyers at its disposal. You should not try to negotiate with your employer alone. Instead, make sure you are working on an even playing field by hiring a legal team that can meet the challenge.

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