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4 Tips for Passenger Vehicle Drivers on Sharing the Road

Passenger vehicle drivers sometimes feel threatened when they must share the road with massive commercial trucks. You may safely share the road with trucks if you follow these four rules..

1. Understand and Respect the Truck’s Blind Spots

Large commercial trucks have huge blind areas, or “no-zones,” where the driver cannot see cars that aren’t as tall or wide as his or her own. These spots are usually at the sides, in front, and at the back of the passenger vehicle. As a passenger car driver, you must be conscious of and stay out of these blind areas. Mirrors are a good indicator of whether or not the truck driver can see you.
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2. Allow for Extra Space and Time

When traveling at high speeds or while carrying a heavy load, an 18 wheeler, or a passenger vehicle trucks require a longer stopping distance than smaller vehicles. Keeping a safe distance behind a truck gives the driver more room to maneuver in response to changing road conditions. Always check the area in front of the truck you are overtaking before re-entering the lane.
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3. Exercise Patience and Courtesy

Trucks are large and heavy, making it difficult for them to change lanes or accelerate quickly. When sharing the road with large trucks, it’s important to exercise patience and not make any sudden or aggressive moves that could frighten the driver or cause an accident. Use your turn signals at all times to let other drivers know your intentions, and always give way to oncoming traffic.

4. Adapt to Changing Conditions

The way trucks drive can be affected by things like bad weather, construction zones, and heavy traffic. You should anticipate this change in behavior and be alert for any cues that a vehicle may give you before it takes any action. Headlights let the truck driver see your car in low-visibility circumstances like rain or fog.

Passenger vehicle drivers may help ensure the safety of everyone on the road, from pedestrians to operators of commercial trucks, by following these guidelines. We can make our roads safer for everyone and reduce the likelihood of accidents involving large trucks by working together. Together, we can make the roads safer for everyone and improve the quality of life for everyone who uses them.


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