large truck blind spots

Any time you get behind the wheel, it is likely that you will share the road with semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles. While you might expect that there is little chance of an accident involving the experienced professionals driving these vehicles, the fact is that large trucks have multiple dangerous blind spots.

While most people realize that truck drivers cannot see directly behind themselves when pulling a large trailer, there are also other blind spots that are less obvious. You can keep yourself and other drivers safer by learning more about these so-called no zones.

You might be in a blind spot when passing a truck

When passing a large truck on either the right or left side, you will end up in blind spots that are much larger than those of smaller passenger vehicles. Always make sure that you have enough time to safely and completely pass in front of a large truck before beginning the maneuver. Be particularly mindful that if you are on a motorcycle, bicycle or other small vehicle, truck drivers are less likely to notice you.

There is a large blind spot in the front of large trucks

The height and overall size of a commercial truck’s cab naturally create a blind spot in front of the truck that extends for approximately six feet. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians should be extremely careful about entering this space where they will be practically invisible to the truck driver.

A lack of regard for blind spots by either the truck driver or other motorists can lead to devasting traffic accidents. If you find yourself involved in a collision involving a large truck, seek immediate medical attention and file a timely claim so you can pursue the compensation you deserve.

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