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Workplace Accidents

– Workplace Accidents
Most jobs come with some risk. For many workers, their biggest risk is falling down at work, or a minor injury. On the other hand, industrial workers risk electrocution, explosions, heavy objects being dropped, fire, or other serious injuries. No worker should have to worry about being seriously injured or killed on the job because his or her employer decided to cut corners.

With 50 years of legal experience, our lawyers have helped injured workers seek compensation for those injuries. We are experienced in dealing with injuries in many different fields.

Workplace Accidents - Workplace Accidents - Guerra Law Group

You Deserve a High Level of Care

ome examples of the workplace injuries we have handled include:

  • Construction workers: scaffolding collapses, crush injuries, defective construction equipment or falling objects
  • Oilfield workers: valve blowouts, faulty drill bits and explosions
  • Maritime workers: fisherman injuries, vessel loss/collision, falls

Whether you are an employee or an independent contractor, our lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of your accident and who is at fault. We understand the complex legal issues at play for workplace accidents and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

At the Guerra Law Group P.L.L.C., we stand up for the rights of workers who are hurt on the job. We fight for workers across the state who are suffering from serious injuries and deserve compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits.

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