Wrongful Death

Nothing Will Bring Your Loved One Back, But We Can Make Mourning Easier

Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., is sorry for your loss. Our attorneys are all too aware of the ways that an everyday accident can leave families grieving. We know that right now, you and your family may not know exactly what you need or what to ask for, but you are in the right place.

While we cannot undo your loved one’s passing, we can hold accountable those responsible for the accident underlying their death. We have grounded legal services, based on experience and compassion, that can help your family survive this difficult moment. Call us at 956-618-3000 today.

A Wrongful Death Case Can Be The Only Thing That Keeps You Afloat

When accidents lead to death, it is shocking. Most people are not prepared for a tragic loss – emotionally or financially. Filing a wrongful death suit can offer you a sense of closure, but in a much more practical sense, it offers:

  • Paid medical expenses for your loved one’s time in the hospital or other medical bills related to their injury
  • Compensation for funeral expenses, including internment, cremation and other funerary rites
  • Replacement for income your household loses due to the death, particularly if your loved one was the main income earner

As your family moves forward, your case can be a turning point that allows you to pay your bills and keep your head above water.

Taking Back Control Of Your Life Starts Here

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